eNVie Noir Mytherium

eNVie Noir Mytherium

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An unprecedented set of six new oud/black tonka/saphir exclusive perfume oils blended with beautiful natural, absolute and essential oils to create a new library collection and extremely limited to 10 bottles each.

Oud found in the deepest humid places on Earth from sustainable exotic agarwood and limited in number due to sourced precious agarwood/oud.

Perfume grade Organic (same in the photo) Black Tonka Bean from Brazil, South America and organic coumarin absolute from Venezuela Tonka create a sweet delightful aromatic nuance to the perfumes.

eNVie Noir Mytherium

Exotic Jasmine petals, absolutes, subtle oud and harmonious saphir; a perfume that enchants and brings tranquility with a touch of mystery and a modern perspective of Jasmine.


~Top Note:

Kola Nut, Jasmine Absolute, Pistachio essence, White Musk, Agarwood

~~Heart Note:

Benzoin Vanilla, Jasmine Petals, Black Tonka Bean, Agarwood

 ~~~Base Note:

A tranquil jasmine perfume that resonates the notes seamlessly into a soft and alluring oud and saphir perfume.  Benzoin brings out the vanilla and natural sweet smoky black tonka bean while saphir lulls the notes into a blend of pure bliss on the skin.  Saphir, when warmed, will come through the blend as it ages created a beautiful heady jasmine perfume while remaining as beautiful as a spring jasmine vine with a white amber finish.

☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ Perfumer's Notes:

"A modern idea of Jasmine but lapsing into oud and saphir with vanillic notes of tonka, benzoin and pistachio.  Pistachio has a sweet vanilla note within its own that creates an almost effervescence to Jasmine petals.  It remains exotic while displaying facets of vanilla and delicate oud.  A spring perfume that blooms in the summer and becomes a memory of both seasons in the fall at a simple twist of the lid and then synapse and sense memory connection.  Created to enchant and remind ourselves words, perfume, breath is nothing without a beginning and a new approach." ~Emerson Hart, eNVie Perfume Composer


25ml sapphire bottle, finished with a gold lid and black engraved plate.

Limited to 10 bottles worldwide.