...more than perfume.

...more than perfume.  - blog #1

Our senses are indicative of memory, experience, and connection.  A scent is connected to the olfactory and when olfactory receptor neurons fire, chemicals react and individual thoughts are implied.  When the scent of a rose is inhaled it is simply a rose until we connect something else to it, be that the colour of the petals, a memory or right at that moment.  When I approach a perfume, it is from disconnecting my sense of smell, my intent is to not connect the way I might with a rose.  I displace everything I was ever taught and I find myself out in the fluidity of imagination  and rediscover something new again.  When I work with perfume I allow the notes speak to me when I begin, the way a poem might come together for a poet; words connected to the feelings one is having and unto the poet the words become that expression and that feeling can be found within the connection again and again throughout life when reading again upon what is written art.  I yearn for this when I create a perfume.  Finding the neutrality of scent and building until that feeling is met.  Memory, moments and connection.  Looking out into nature, looking up through the limbs of a tree, touching the patterns on the bark, looking at things from another perspective.

I want what I create on canvas, on paper or in a bottle to be more than art, words and perfume.

When you reach for your eNVie collection, I hope you find the love, connection and imagination to be more than perfume.

amour éternel,



Photo:  EH

8 December, 2017

Official eNVieparfum opening 26 April, 2017