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eNVie parfum are perfume oils without alcohol.  They are concentrated perfume in two sizes: luxury 25mL sapphire blue and 5mL clear TRAVEL glass bottles.  Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources for prolonged shelf-life.  eNVie parfum uses only the finest ingredients for these perfume oils.  Essential oils and extracts are always to be kept out of direct sunlight and stored in a cool area.  The travel boxes provide wonderful protection from sunlight and the 5mL eNVie bottles should be stored in these velvet boxes when not in use. We are a vegan and cruelty-free company; our perfume does not contain any animal product.  2ml and 1ml coloured bottles are also available where stated.

We hand pour our perfume into your 25mL sapphire blue or your 5mL clear glass bottles.  We are not a huge corporation; perfume is delicate and because of this the turnaround time is approximately 5-7 business days (expect a longer turnaround for International packages).  We ship domestic US via USPS Priority Mail with tracking and International USPS Priority Mail and offer free shipping *see above. We are closed on the weekend, Saturday & Sunday are not included in our turnaround time.  Because perfume is a cosmetic product, we do not offer refunds for our product; it is advisable to try our Travel boxes (2x5mL velvet boxes), before purchasing the luxury 25mL bottles.

When receiving eNVie in the mail allow perfume to adjust from travel and changes in temperature, one to two days and perfume will be ready to wear.

eNVie parfum is part of the House of NA, San Francisco, CA.

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