About Us

More than perfume...

eNVie, from the House of NA - a group of Perfumers with over two decades of experience revering the sense of fragrance. eNVie selects exclusive and beautiful perfume extracts from around the world, celebrating them in our huile de parfum.  The inspiration is evident within our presentation and fragrances, and our dedication is demonstrated by our continued education through travels to perfume locales including Paris, India, Egypt, Italy, Australia and more.

eNVie huile de parfum is created using classic perfumery techniques combined with a conscious, cruelty-free process that is void of animal products. Our philosophy for perfume is both ethical and passionate. eNVie only uses sustainable notes in our product, remaining true to our emphatic love of perfume.  Our environmental footprint is part of this consciousness and we only acquire from the original source or from house made notes.

eNVie huile de parfum holds stories that have a greater meaning, a story waiting to be worn. The words are blends of notes that lift toward the wearer, inhaled until we arrive at the places we’ve been and the places we’ve never been.

The eNVie Silver Collection, eNVie exclusif Collection and eNVie noir Collection come in 25mL luxury sapphire blue bottles each have different toned engraved plates of those parfums and some are extremely limited due to the methods of parfum making and raw materials.  The eNVie Silver Collection also comes in travel size velvet boxes holding two 5mL bottles of your choice from that collection in either red or blue velvet.  The Silver Collection are also available in sampler 2ml boxes.  Apply eNVie concentrated perfume oil sparingly onto pulse points (neck, inside of the wrists and décolleté), as well as the top of the hands.  Make eNVie your luxurious signature, your statement, your olfactory experience...make it more than perfume for you.

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