New to eNVie?

Welcome to eNVie parfum.  We are a small group of perfume oil artists from the House of NA, Inc.  You may have heard of Nocturne Alchemy (also from the same house), while part of the same house we have our own Studio separate from Nocturne Alchemy in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The original owner of NA is the lead perfumer along with guest perfumers from around the world and exclusive to the House of NA, Inc.  Our perfumes are luxurious and our bottles have been made just for us.  Beautifully engraved perfume name-plates adorn our larger 25ml sapphire blue bottles and we also offer beautifully hand-made velvet travel boxes in blue and red that hold two 5ml Silver Collection perfumes of your choice along with special sampler boxes in sample sizes.  We'll explain more about the entire catalogue below.

There are 31 huile de parfum currently in our entire catalogue.  We only ship domestic US USPS Priority mail.  Until further notice - International ordering will remain unavailable due to the restrictions, limitations from the pandemic. We will keep you informed when International shipping has returned to the store here.

For those new (and those returning) to eNVie parfum.  We create small batches of perfume oil (no enhancers, no alcohol).  The best materials we can acquire in smaller quantities.  We have three collections;

1)Silver Collection (2ml, 5ml and 25ml) available. The 25ml bottles are sapphire blue with metallic silver-engraved perfume name-plates with silver toned lids. There are 17 different perfumes total in this collection. In the sampler/discovery section there is a choice of any four (2ml) in a box, the five new Silver collection perfumes (2ml) prepackaged in a blue box, and the original Silver collection of 12 perfumes (2ml) packaged in one long box. You might try the blue box and the long black box to acquire all 17 silver collection perfumes in 2ml to sample. For the traveler, we also offer blue and red velvet boxes that house your choice of two 5ml bottles from the Silver Collection to take with you on your journey or simply to enjoy.

2)The exclusif collection are available in 25ml sapphire blue bottles with metallic-gold engraved perfume name-plates and gold toned lids. There are 8 different perfumes in this collection at this time. Due to the limited nature of the materials used within these perfumes, some may sell out and not return so that we may make room for a new exclusif and new raw materials for this extra special collection. This is partly due to the expense of the ingredients or the ability to acquire the materials from small farms to create these luxury perfume oils. There are no sample 2ml or 5ml bottles in this collection.

3)Lastly, the noir collection are in 25ml sapphire blue bottles with black engraved perfume name plates and gold toned lids. These are much costlier perfume oils, some with ingredients from small farms that are no longer in business, or the raw materials used are more costly, and we've only acquired the quantity to create a small amount of parfum for each perfume in this collection. The noir collection is extremely limited with ten bottles available of each. There are no sample 2ml or 5ml bottles in this collection.

Choose your complimentary free sample from the following to go along with your order (one per order) from the original 12 Silver Collection parfums and place in the comments at check-out.  If one is not chosen, we will happily choose one for you.  Your sample will be in a short sample bottle from the following:

saphir, rose saphir, encens saphir, santal saphir, jasmin saphir, ambre saphir, lavande saphir, vanille saphir, patchouli blanc, rouge saphir, les sapins, bleu saphir.

Exclusif/Noir or the new five silver parfums (ruby, emerald, pink, lazuli or dream amethyst) are not included in this promotion.  If a different parfum is chosen from above, one of the twelve will be substituted.

eNVie is unable to combine orders because it's a very small artist-run operation, so be sure to carefully curate your order before finalizing it.  We do this so we do not prolong all orders so that we may focus on each individual order with care.   We do not offer combining orders nor add-ons.  Each order is filled and processed by one of our members quickly and steadfast so that we can ship as soon as possible.  Once more there are no add-ons or combining of orders.