Parfum Tabula Rasa

Parfum Tabula Rasa - blog #2


Warmest welcomes to all of our kindred spirit perfume fans! Here at eNVie, we are a small group of artists that enjoy taking perfume notes and applying them like paint to a canvas with a subject in mind.  This is our way of perfume.  Passionate practice of vivid imagination, peaceful humility, and experienced instinct are our core values. 


Inspiration comes from everywhere, but the spark to enjoy art is born within the need to create.  Each perfume from eNVie has taken years to craft, sans alcohol or additives that can change the molecule and chemistry of the final product.  We use the highest standard for sourcing and selecting our materials and allow the perfume to tell us when its ready.


eNVie perfume oils are carefully formulated to bestow concentrated performance while ensuring safety to be worn directly on the skin.  To achieve this potency, we do not use alcohol in our perfumes. The industry standard for perfume/cologne uses 80-95% alcohol content to dilute 5-20% aromatic oil, from Eau de Cologne to Parfum strength. In contrast, eNVie perfume oils are fine, pure, beautiful conceptions that absolve the need for alcohol as an extension to perfume for a broader market.  We use the best ethically sourced materials, and each note is respected with research on the skin and ultimately as part of a greater blend.  We have invested countless hours of dedicated hard work to create precious fragrance for you, the ones that appreciate the finer things on a much smaller scale.  Each blend is typically conceived and composed from start to finish by one of our four perfumers, and we create what we appreciate as finished paintings in bottles.


We have been asked why eNVie parfum names are French inspired.  We have chosen to honor the traditions of making perfume learned from our French ancestors, including painstaking methods such as solvent extraction, maceration, expressed skin of fruit, steam distillation of an abundance of imported flowers, boiling of spice and the timelessness of enfleurage.  The Ancients may have invented perfume that was honored, but the French illuminated the tools to make perfume.  Choosing the name of our company came from knowing years ago that eNVie would be moving to Nevada from California ultimately. This decision was influenced by many experienced noses around the world who recommend a drier climate to foster enhanced alchemy within the olfactory and deeper respect for each note itself.  NV is the abbreviation for our state of Nevada, and eNVie is also a French term that translates to urge and desire as much as the English word envy itself.


We began our intrepid journey with eNVie from San Francisco in 2017, and with change sometimes a move is involved.  In 2021 our team began working on new perfumes for what we’re now calling the Silver Collection.  We opted for this name to be more precise with the 25ml sapphire bottles and their silver lids and silver engraved name plates.  All seventeen of the silver collection are also now available to purchase in 2 mL glass bottles in sampler sets, starting with a set of 4 of your choice, 5 of the new silver collection or 12 of the original silver collection in long box form.  These sample sets offer a new accessible way to discover the silver collection.


The exclusif and noir collections continue to be produced in very small quantities. The exclusif line features special gold engraved perfume nameplates, with sleek black nameplates for the noir.  These are exceptionally precious works of art, making a larger scale cost-prohibitive to eNVie so these are offered in highly limited quantities in the 25ml bottle only, and once sold out will not be reintroduced to the store.  The key factor driving the limited nature of exclusif and noir blends comes down to the rare and extraordinary ingredients. The quality and peerless beauty of the notes necessary to create these perfume oils is often reliant on seasonal ingredients or small farms that no longer exist. The pandemic changed not only our health and safety perspectives, but also impacted small farms, some of whom produced only one cherished crop.  Given these factors, we do our best to ethically resource only the highest quality and also strive to assist in keeping small farms in business.


eNVie continued evolving while our storefront was on hiatus, and we wanted to bring back these very special huile de parfums and hope that you will enjoy them with joy and peace in your heart.  With small business comes pressure and stress to remain in business, but as some of our peers have done, sometimes the door must close if the love for the art is not there.  We truly hope you find a place for eNVie in your lives, and we continue to strive for quality over quantity in our offerings.


With the exciting addition of all-new silver, exlusif and noir parfums introduced to each collection, we hope to endure where we are in this luxury brand from the House of NA, Inc.  While we are associated with the House of NA, we are not part of Nocturne Alchemy.  Though perfumers from both sides collaborate on parfum, eNVie is the source for the renowned saphir that is utilized in select NA blends.


Thank you for joining our small brigade of perfumers and we hope you find a place in your home for our offerings present and future.

Until next time,