group photo of small blue box sampler that includes all five new Silver Collection perfume oils in 2ml.  Ruby saphir, lazuli saphir, emerald saphir, dream amethyst saphir and pink saphir

eNVie Silver Collection *NEW* blue box sampler

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eNVie Silver Collection *NEW* blue box sampler includes all five new eNVie 'silver' Collection parfum oils in a special 2ml vial with white caps to try before purchasing a 5ml bottle or 25ml larger beautiful sapphire plate-engraved bottle.  This set is designated to these five new parfums only.  We do offer a small black box sampler where you can choose four 2ml samples you'd like created just for you.

This set includes all five new NV Silver Collection parfums in 2ml vials with white screw lids.  No insert.  In a blue 2 5/8" x 1 5/8" x 1" paper gift box for you or to gift.

ruby saphir

lazuli saphir

emerald saphir

dream amethyst saphir

pink saphir

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Ingredient notes can be found in the eNVie Silver Collection for all 17 of these luxurious huile de parfum.