eNVie collection sampler

eNVie collection sampler

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Please choose four x 2ml samples for your sampler box from the four drop downs.  They can be the same or all different.  Explore the eNVie Collection  to discover the unique offerings of eNVie huile de parfum.  Each perfume oil is created using the best ingredients possible for that blend and each offering the original saphir perfume within each blend accenting with golden and light musk and amber accords. Please make sure each drop down has a perfume chosen before clicking Add to Cart.  The original saphir was created to layer with any and ALL eNVie parfum.

eNVie collection sampler does not include saphir noir or exclusif collections.


Choose 4 and add to cart.  Please make sure your email is up to date when making your purchase so you will receive a tracking email once we are ready to ship and your order has scanned at the US Post Office.  Your eNVie Collection Sampler includes four of your chosen 2ml samples in a 2.5" x 1.5" gift box.


rose saphir

encens saphir

santal saphir

jasmin saphir

ambre saphir

lavande saphir

vanille saphir

patchouli blanc

rouge saphir

les sapins

bleu saphir



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