eNVie Noir Empyrean

eNVie Noir Empyrean

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An unprecedented set of six new oud/black tonka/saphir exclusive perfume oils blended with beautiful natural, absolute and essential oils to create a new library collection and extremely limited to 10 bottles each.

Oud found in the deepest humid places on Earth from sustainable exotic agarwood and limited in number due to sourced precious agarwood/oud.

Perfume grade Organic (same in the photo) Black Tonka Bean from Brazil, South America and organic coumarin absolute from Venezuela Tonka create a sweet delightful aromatic nuance to the perfumes.

eNVie Noir Empyrean

French imported Almond and Bitter almond round a perfume with wood notes of Cedarwood and Mahogany and lighter wood of Sandalwood and resins backed with vanilla, musk and soft black cardamom and agarwood.  A lightly sweeter oud perfume.


~Top Note:

French Almond, Bitter Almond, Cedarwood, effervescent Agarwood

~~Heart Note:

Mahogany Wood, Sandalwood, Black Vanilla Bean, Black Tonka Bean, Light Oud, White Clove essence

 ~~~Base Note:

Agarwood and tonka continue to release their sweet and smoky characteristics into the Egyptian Amber & Musk resin of saphir.  Subtle wood notes ebb and flow throughout the base. 

☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ Perfumer's Notes:

"Almond has always been a sensual scent surrounded by sedulous effervescent characteristics.  When blending beautiful woods and the evocative note of agarwood, a translucent exotic perfume surfaces though the almond and holds lightly while lapsing into a serenity of wood warmed by the sun.  This is the scent to wear in the summer and then again in the fall to pull forth sense memory of a warmer time when the chill of winter eludes our memory but brings back the warmth that a perfume can bring by a simple twist of the lid.  Empyrean was created to be worn as the Fall scent to the Summer perfume of eNVie Noir Empyre." ~Emerson Hart, eNVie Perfume Composer 


25ml sapphire bottle, finished with a gold lid and black engraved plate.

Limited to 10 bottles worldwide.