eNVie Noir Lyceum

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An unprecedented set of six new oud/black tonka/saphir exclusive perfume oils blended with beautiful natural, absolute and essential oils to create a new library collection and extremely limited to 10 bottles each.

Oud found in the deepest humid places on Earth from sustainable exotic agarwood and limited in number due to sourced precious agarwood/oud.

Perfume grade Organic (same in the photo) Black Tonka Bean from Brazil, South America and organic coumarin absolute from Venezuela Tonka create a sweet delightful aromatic nuance to the perfumes.

eNVie Noir Lyceum

A beautifully spiced cardamom, sweet vanilla-oud-saphir heaven.  Delightful perfume notes imported and blended into the eNVie saphir house note.  Sweetened with rich tonka, vanilla bean and exquisitely spiced with the highest quality of cardamom and exotic wood of agarwood.



~Top Note:

Oud/Agarwood, Black Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Absolute, Black Cardamom

~~Heart Note:

Black Tonka Bean, Vanilla Bean Whole, Oud/Agarwood, Green Cardamom, Copal, Vanilla creamed fleck

 ~~~Base Note:

As the oud-forward notes and tonka release their natural sweet and smoky characteristics throughout the perfume wear, Egyptian Amber & Musk Resin purify the natural notes and blend into both cardamom essential oils created an alluring spiced vanilla that blends beautifully with Black Tonka and Vanilla Bean.  Saphir resonates under the decadent sweet notes creating a sweet oud unlike any other and finishes with a beautiful skin musk.

☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ Perfumer's Notes:

"Lyceum is the sweet perfume of the eNVie Noir collection.  It can be worn alongside, blended or layered with any of the other four NV Noir perfumes.  It is the epicenter of vanilla and spice, exotic oud and sensual saphir.  A perfume possibly created for the skin to wear for bed and sweet dreaming, sensuality or playing alchemy with other perfumes from NV.  Cardamom is such a beautiful spice, and it must be used when you find the right one.  Green and Black from Sri Lanka are perfect for sweet notes but what makes this alluring is composing this specifically to be worn alone or with any of the other four NV Noir to heighten those perfumes with a vanilla-spice sweetness and create a more personal blend for the wearer.  Bastet and I wear this one to bed, becoming a part of the perfume ritual for the dream time." ~Emerson Hart, eNVie Perfume Composer


25ml sapphire bottle, finished with a gold lid and black engraved plate.

Limited to 10 bottles worldwide.