eNVie Noir Mystic

eNVie Noir Mystic

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An unprecedented set of six new oud/black tonka/saphir exclusive perfume oils blended with beautiful natural, absolute and essential oils to create a new library collection and extremely limited to 10 bottles each.

Oud found in the deepest humid places on Earth from sustainable exotic agarwood and limited in number due to sourced precious agarwood/oud.

Perfume grade Organic (same in the photo) Black Tonka Bean from Brazil, South America and organic coumarin absolute from Venezuela Tonka create a sweet delightful aromatic nuance to the perfumes.

eNVie Noir Mystic

Mystical Damask, Turkish and Bulgarian Rose, captivating agarwood and Black Tonka are the sensual heart of Mystic.  Alluring this perfume is for the rose devotee, those that love the mysteriousness of oud and enjoy the distinct sweet incomparable Tonka and Vanilla that tie the perfume into saphir Amber and Musk.


~Top Note:

Damask Rose, Bulgarian Rose, Sweet Alyssum Honey

~~Heart Note:

Black Tonka Bean, Light Oud, Turkish Rose Otto, Copal Resin

 ~~~Base Note:

The rose notes will move back and forth allowing the agarwood to come forward and leave traces of smoky exotic warmth, Egyptian Amber & Musk Resin purify the natural notes and accentuates the rose notes leaving a honey-like sweetness from the last traces of sweet alyssum and smoke from the Black Tonka Bean enveloping the wearer with a calm seductive olfactory experience.  A rose unlike any other rose from eNVie parfum the ends with the essence of Italian Mandarin

☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ Perfumer's Notes:

"When first eNVie Noir was first conceived it was because of Mystic.  We already have rose saphir but I wanted something different and unlike all the other rose perfume.  Visiting Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey for the most refined precious rose oils, I kept returning to all three rose notes attempting to configure the one that would achieve the rose I was wanting; all three became the blend because I could not choose.  I took a year to figure out the exact measurement so that all three roses would bloom together as one rose was a feat that could only be measured with the blending of oud and black tonka.  It seemed exactly what this blend of roses needed with saphir at the base, Mystic became my gift to Bastet, the Goddess of all love." ~Emerson Hart, eNVie Perfume Composer


25ml sapphire bottle, finished with a gold lid and black engraved plate.

Limited to 10 bottles worldwide.