eNVie saphir

eNVie saphir

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The signature of eNVie. A pure perfume designed to pair with any other eNVie huile de parfum to enjoy more saphir with layering, more bliss of experience or simply worn nude on the skin.  This is an extremely versatile perfume created to enhance your eNVie experience. 

Egyptian Amber & Musk Resin purified into natural notes of blue balsamic amber, sweet papyrus oil from Cairo and Siam benzoin that hints naturally of occurring warm and pure vanillin. Saphir has a natural longevity and will continue to age beautifully.  

☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ Perfumer's Notes:

"After many years perfecting this perfume that speaks words from my heart, a scent created to express what words never could. This is the signature of eNVie with emphasis on the quality of ingredients to create saphir and available in a 25ml luxury bottle. This is the scent of spirits and for those that truly enjoy perfume.  Worn alone or layered with any other eNVie, saphir will heighten the eNVie experience." ~Emerson Hart, eNVie Perfumer Composer


25ml sapphire bottle, finished with a silver lid and silver engraved plate.