eNVie vanille saphir

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Tranquil vanilla undertone compliments and inspires the amber within saphir vibrating nectarous vanilla and decadent sweetness on the skin as the perfume breathes through the notes.


~Top Note:

 French Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Bourbon, Siam Benzoin

~~Heart Note:

 Vanilla Absolute, Green Peppercorn, Vanilla infused Labdanum

 ~~~Base Note:

As the Ambre notes release subtle resin from Vanilla infused Myrrh and White Frankincense, the composition drifts through a narrow careen of Egyptian Amber and Musk, purified and aged in a vanilla oak barrel. Nuances of oak sift during the olfactory experience.

☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ Perfumer's Notes:

"Vanilla is a natural perfume component that sweetens and deepens the experience of our sense memory.  When vanilla notes are blended into saphir and aged with oak, this heightens the experience from the woods in the naturally created ambre and gives the perfume a body of delight on the skin to be worn again and again." ~Emerson Hart, eNVie Perfumer Composer


25ml sapphire bottle, finished with a silver lid and silver engraved plate.