*NEW* eNVie dream amethyst saphir

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A perfume of dream-time. An opening that both mesmerizes and brings content to the wearer.  A scent of ancient flowers integrated into resins, patchouli and saphir subtlety.  Deep.  Rich.  Sweet and created for dreaming awake and for sleep.


~Top Note:

Wild Balsam of Peru Resin, Essence of Rose, Egyptian Lotus Blossom and Egyptian Jasmine  

~~Heart Note:

White Patchouli essence, French Vanilla Bean, Spanish Labdanum Oleoresin

~~~Base Note:

Skin Musk, Egyptian Amber & Musk Resin purified into natural notes of blue balsamic amber, sweet papyrus oil from Cairo and Siam benzoin that hints naturally of occurring warm and pure vanillin.

☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ Perfumer's Notes:
"Working with perfume takes months and sometimes years to complete.  This perfume was conceived during the 2020/2021 covid period where I sat alone at my workstation and pulled components, ordered enough quantities of elements necessary for this blend and the entire time haunted from what was outside and the connection to the world.  This was to be my dream blend where we could all go to and bring a unification in scent to a calmer place, a spiritual place without anything other than energy and construct from the perfume alone.  This is a place I go to when I need to smell something that entices and delights, calms, and fascinates.  Adding the original saphir on top of the blend on my skin allows me enough time to drift off to sleep and still be in a beguiling state of mind ready to dream of places around the world yet to be traveled and return to memories of the places I’ve been.  It’s something we all need whether it’s parfum or a state of being, it’s necessary as unification is necessary to find sanctity in our world.”  ~Emerson Hart, eNVie Perfumer Composer

25ml sapphire bottle, finished with a silver lid and silver engraved plate.