Silver Collection Discovery Set and Sampler 2ml eNVie collection; choose from the long box set that contains the 12 original eNVie Collection in 2ml in a special black long box.  Also available is a sampler where you choose four from the entire 17 parfum eNVie Collection for your own personal sampler box.  You will receive 4 x 2ml in that box of your choice.  We also have a blue box with all five of the new eNVie perfumes in new 2ml glass bottles with white lids.  Due to supply chain issues, in the near future we will be changing all 2ml into the clear glass vial with white lid (see the blue box sampler for this new look).  Individual Celibataire section is new featuring your choice of one 5ml perfume from our current collection of 17 parfums that are non-exclusif/non-noir.
Due to the nature of the ingredients; 'exclusif' and 'noir' collections are only available in the gold and black engraved plate collections 25ml sapphire bottles.  There are no samples for these and once sold out will not be remade or restocked.  We hope to continue with new 'exclusif' and 'noir' additions throughout the year.
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