ambre saphir 5ml tall rectangle bottle with screw lid no insert

eNVie Silver Collection Célibataire 5mL bottle

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Now available individual 5ml (1/6oz) with screw lid (no insert) - huile de parfum celebrating each of the 17 NV Silver Collection huile de parfums.  All eNVie contain no alcohol and uses only the highest of quality ingredients.  Choose one 5ml perfume from the drop down.  We do offer samplers of these in 2ml in a different section if you'd like to try a smaller perfume before upgrading to 5ml or the grande 25ml engraved plate sapphire bottle.  Each

Ingredient notes can be found in the eNVie Silver Collection for all 17 of these luxurious huile de parfum.  See photo as they come in either black or white lid.



rose saphir

ensens saphir

santal saphir

jasmin saphir

ambre saphir

lavande saphir

vanille saphir

patchouli blanc

rouge saphir

les sapins

bleu saphir

emerald saphir

pink saphir

ruby saphir

dream amethyst saphir

lazuli saphir

5ml square clear bottle with white or black screw lid (see photos).  1/6oz capacity.  No insert/reducer/orifice only screw lid.